Present your building plans to your customers as an interactive 3D game

Are you designing an awesome home but struggle to present it to your client?

Reading blueprints requires an engineering degree- it’s not something that every customer can do.

● Miscommunication can lead to customer dissatisfaction and low sales

HouseCraft – your solution
We will visualize your BIM model and present it as a 3D webpage
Customer can see the model from a bird’s-eye view and then take a 3D tour though the building as if they were playing a video game
Customers can leave questions and comments linked to specific viewpoints so you can always see what they’re referencing
Seamless integration - we use IFC standard, which is supported by all major BIM solutions
Increase your sales and customer satisfaction by presenting your magnificent design in a fun and interactive way.
Engage your customers by showing not only how their future home looks, but also how it feels.
An effortless solution with no special software required- all you need is a device with a browser.
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